Oxandrolone solo cycle with this steroid

How to eat oxandrolone

The appointment of steroid drugs, the development of the scheme of use and the duration of treatment are dealt with by a doctor. Self-treatment is the full development of undesirable effects and negative effects on the health of the body (systemic malnutrition can easily lead to tests for atrophy). With health, the work of the endocrine system is restored, however, by the end of the early run, re-therapy with tamoxidine or other drugs that close peripheral estrogen receptors is required.

How to eat oxandrolone

The average daily dose is between 5 and 20 mg, divided into two to four doses, depending on the purpose of the treatment and the diagnosis. Oxandrolone is used alone or in combination with other agents to increase potency. The recommended duration of treatment is one month, repeat treatment should not exceed 30-60 days.


The use of hormonal health groups of anabolic steroids in women can easily lead to the concept of signs of virilization – the manifestation of such “mosquito properties” as hoarseness in the voice, growth of the body and body image, etc. When using Oxandrolone in the recommended therapeutic measures the food is cooked for women;

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Oxandrolone for the drug is prescribed in a reduced dose (compared to “mouse” scales), the daily amount depends on the goals of therapy and the characteristics of the organism. Treatment is started with 5 mg / day, every 7-10 days, if there are no side effects and effects, the immediate increase in the daily dose is corrected. The duration of therapy can be between one and a half to three months. If the menstrual cycles are absent, then it is necessary to identify signs of masculinization or virilization, manifestations of other party effects associated with changes in the hormonal background.
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Meat, urine and urine treatment application should only be performed as directed by the health care provider and in accordance with their recommendations. This is especially true for combo cycles that happen to contain more anabolic steroid drugs. The use of Solo Health is based on the following principles:

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The duration of admission does not exceed 6-8 weeks, it is determined individually and adjusted to the body’s response to therapy.
Begin therapy with a daily dose of 20 mg divided into two parts – ripen, chew and ripen, before mowing, at least 2 hours after the first dose.
Postopoma increase the dose to an average of 20 mg per week. The daily scale is divided into three scales. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 80 mg / day.
If there are no undesirable effects, the flow lasts for 42-56 days.
At the end of the entry, they will check whether the level of their own testosterone production will be established, and if necessary, they will restore their health and restore their isolation.